High Hopes
»Young ambition always comes with high hopes that are seldom met. This realization should not belie you though. It always should be the light at the horizon that your life's way leads you to.«

»Sacrificing himself for you was an act of love. Don’t mourn it. Don’t let it be for nothing.«

Ezi Sikah

Ashler Zedhim’s first mission was to investigate general Grieveous‘ whereabouts along with his former master Atta Ti. They were just about to land on Varonat, as order 66 was executed. The soldiers that were with them on the gunship turned against them but the could fight them off, resulting in the gunship’s crash. During that fight, master Ti pushed Ashler out of the craft, while distracting the clone troopers to ensure his survival, knowing he wouldn’t voluntarily leave his old master behind.
While trying to find the crash site in the thick of the planet’s fauna, Ashler stumbled over an small freighter craft. This seemed to be an abandoned smuggler hideout. Remains of a time when pirates used this planet as their base of operations. The young Jedi master did his best to ready the ship, hoping that it would be easier to find the crash site and his old master from aloft.
When the craft was finally ready to go airborn, republic reinforcements pulled in, looking for the gunship that went missing. Master Zedhim had no other chance than to jump out of the system, before the clone forces where able to establish a blockade and find him. Feeling guilty for leaving Master Ti behind, Ashler swore to himself, that he would return, once he got another ship and got rid of his Jedi appereance.

Although young, Ashler Zedhim was not blind to what was going on. Although loyal to the republic, he was deeply in doubt about the route the senat was taking, trying to protect it. He felt something was going on, hidden beneath the surface. He mistrusted the cancellor and his ambitions. So, through the course of the clone wars, he hid a handful of emergency stashes throughout the galaxy he travelled fighting for the repubic. After collecting the first he could get to, he used it to go undercover, ridding himself of his Jedi robes and selling the smuggler’s spaceship. Ashler got himself a demilitarized first run model of the UT-60D and made his way back to Varonat. Although Master Zedhim was able to locate the crash site of the gunship, he could not find any trace of Atta Ti. Wether his old master was dead or just hid himself to keep out of the grasp of the empire, whe could not determine. Feeling like he failed master Ti, he thought himself not worthy of being a Jedi. So Ashler lay down his lightsaber and swore not to use it again, until he could somehow pay back his debt.

Smiths and Vendors

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