»This saber is a true master's weapon. No matter how often the war tried to break it, it came back.«

»Don’t let anything get you down. Whenever you stumble, you’ll get back up stronger.«

Atta Ti

Master Atta Ti was wielding this saber through the clone wars. Late in the war, he was on a mission to scout for a location to build a headquarter in the Outer Rim. It should have become the Secret base of operations to hunt down the infamous General Grievous.
While Ti was descending down to the planet’s surface, Order 66 hit hard.
The squad of clones that was with him went rampage during the flight and although the Jedi could overcome the attack, the shuttle crashed deep in a jungle covering the planets surface.

In that crash, Master Ti’s lightsaber was broken. But he managed to bring it back to life by exchanging the upper half with parts of a pressure valve from the crashed spacecraft. Atta gifted it with a second life to protect him while slipping away from the enforcers of the Empire. He spent years hiding on that planet, hoping to evade the Empire and maybe come across a kindred soul.
Ultimately he was traced and Killed by the Fifth Brother, one of Darth Vader’s Jedi killing Inquisitors. During that final stand, master Atta Ti lost his saber to the depth of a lake, slipping from his dead hand. Until it was recovered by Nilynn Okh and restored yet another time. Prepared to aid it’s next chosen owner in new adventures.

Smiths and Vendors

that helped reforging this relic

Old Master
»an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.«