»Anger is born out of fear. And fear is sparked by the unknown. By gathering knowledge, we can defeat the dark side.«

Bin Ziir

Although most Jedi feared master Ta’Otha’s musings on the force were dangerous close to giving in to the dark side, Bin Ziir had a different view. It was his believe, that dogmatizing the way how to interact with the force without questioning if it made sense, was a sign of arrogance and dullness. And those were properties that ultimately let the dark side grow stronger. So, a while after Valeesh Ta’Otha ventured out into the unknown regions, master Ziir decided to follow his tracks. To see, if he could find the Jedi master and unveil, where he dissapreared to. Being a keeper of knowledge at the Jedi archives, Bin Ziir did so, not by rushing out into space, but by piecing toghether all information he could find on the when and where and what possible route all this might suggest. After weeks of research, Master Ziir suddenly embarked on his ship to venture to the outer rim.

He was seen on various planets asking questions. And then he dissapeared. Rumor was, he stirred up some dust and his quest through the outer rim caught the attention of one of the dark lords, also on a quest to unravel the mysteries of the force. Although for different reasons. Darth Nihilus. Some told of a shadow that followed Bin Ziir’s trail. Some even wispered it was Darth Kesh, Nihilus‘ bloodhound.
Eventually, Master Ziir’s ship was found by a team of the armory on Seoul 5 in the Western Reaches, covered by plants and moss. Within the starship, the party found his lightsaber, defender of knowledge and wisdom: The Bulwark. Except for not being used in aeons, the ship had no visible damage. There was no obvious reason for the Jedi to leave his ship or saber behind.
Of Bin Ziir himself, there is no trace until this day. Wether he was killed or found Master Ta’Otha is unknown.

Smiths and Vendors

that helped reforging this relic

»This saber is a true master's weapon. No matter how often the war tried to break it, it came back.«