Persistent Denial
»Fast, deadly, agile. Like the attack of a mantis, you won't see it coming until it drives it's fangs into your flesh.«

»Whatever you do to avoid fate, is just a delay of the inevitable.«

Darth Kesh

A unique weapon made by an unique Sith. Darth Kesh was more trickster than warrior and always used deceit and illusion rather than brute force and display of power. Few ever gained knowledge of this shadow agent’s existence. As a Sith focused on using the Force to manipulate his opponents, he had little use for a lightsaber to intimidate. If he ever drew his weapon, it was to strike silent and swiftly. for that purpose he crafted a short and agile saber that could be easily wielded using just one hand. Since Kesh has been touched by the special power of his master, Darth Plaguis, he could sense his presence like a fracture in the veil of the force.

Like matter felt the infinite center of a black hole and it’s undeniable gravity. That is why the eater of worlds chose Kesh to find the rumored voidwalker. Like Plaguis, the nameless city that held the secrets of the void, was an absence of light and dark in the force. And that was what let the Sith assassin reach out in his mind and find that forgotten place, Ta’Otha was studying. As Kesh confronted the former Jedi, he hit his lightsaber with a swift strike that unleashed a wave of unknown energy. Pushing him hard over the edge of the hole in the force he balanced along since his master tainted him with his hunger, that burst left nothing behind but the tool of his deadly trade.

Smiths and Vendors

that helped reforging this relic