Twisted Path
»This lightsaber is one of those rare oddities in the universe. It has been touched by the darkness and bent it towards the light. A paradox that left it cracked at it's very core, yet did not break it. It became stronger. It tamed the raw power of the void that leaked into it«

»Every path, even twisted, inevitably leads to one point. No matter how many turns you take. You can’t deny destiny«

Valeesh Ta’Otha

Originally constructed by Valeesh Ta’Otha, this lightsaber belonged to one of the first masters to leave the order nearly 4000 years BBY. She deemed the Jedi to be far too dogmatic and obedient to harbor a truly symbiotic relationship with the living Force.
Master Ta’Ohta ventured into the furthest reaches of the unknown territories in her quest to find remnants of different teachings that reached beyond the trivial duality of light and shadow.
Eventually she found the relics of an ancient race of force sensitive beings that was not misguided by light or dark but rested in balance between. In the middle of here and there, the nothing between things. The void.
Valeesh meditated in the looming presence of cyclopic monuments and studied long forgotten doctrine, until she finally could focus on the blind spot at the center of the force. Between light and dark. Her lightsaber resonated the white noise between the Stars. For the black of space is no darkness. It shines bright with the light of millions of Suns.

Rumors of the voidwalker where whispered throughout the outer rim and stirred the curiosity of Darth Nihilus. Eager to understand his own condition, he sent his most fierce agent, Darth Kesh, to get the voidwalker, for she may help him to silence his everlasting hunger to fill the void that the dark side tore into his physical existence. The hunger to be whole again.
After a long quest of twists and turns, Kesh finally found master Ta’Ohta and confronted her. A strike hit the hilt of the voidwalker’s saber, fracturing it and releasing a burst of null energy, consuming both combatants like the ever hungry vacuum between the worlds. Only the two damaged lightsabers remained.

Eons later the remains of those ancient weapons were reclaimed by Ezi Sikah from the nameless city, where the void consumed light and and dark and left only blankness, for new stories to be written and unknown powers to be tamed.

Smiths and Vendors

that helped reforging this relic

Persistent Denial
»Fast, deadly, agile. Like the attack of a mantis, you won't see it coming until it drives it's fangs into your flesh.«