The Lost Armory
lightsabers from the golden age of the republic
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It is unclear, for how long the armory exists. Maybe it was founded a long time ago. Maybe it was founded in the turmoil of order 66. The Lost are a secret order spanning the galaxy, dedicated to finding and restoring force recovering. These relics are restored and preserved until they find a new bearer to choose and continue their journey. To fulfill this task, the Lost Armory hosts some of the galaxies most skilled armorers, engineers and treasure hunters. It is said, that they even have some former Jedi in their midst.

Twisted Path
»This lightsaber is one of those rare oddities in the universe. It has been touched by the darkness and bent it towards the light. A paradox that left it cracked at it's very core, yet did not break it. It became stronger. It tamed the raw power of the void that leaked into it«